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Services for Educational Publishers

The education marketplace has changed. Accountability has become the watchword of the day, yet the standards by which instructional programs are judged are constantly in flux. We help educational publishers make sense of this complex landscape with a suite of high-quality, cost-effective services. We help our clients:

  • Plan efficiently and effectively to produce products with impact.
  • Develop effective, high-interest content that optimizes the learner's experience.
  • Market their products with elegance and ease, without breaking the bank.

Services for Public Education Agencies

With each funding cycle, schools, districts, and regional and state education agencies are tasked with doing more with less. Savvy public education agencies are learning to make the most of their dollars by leveraging existing resources and using cutting-edge technologies to reach more teachers and learners. We help our clients:

  • Evaluate programs efficiently without sacrificing quality or comprehensiveness.
  • Develop and adapt their own learning resources through careful planning and implementation.
  • Leverage their resources beyond their school, district, and state.
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