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Cynthia Burrow and her son Zach smile in a photo taken at the Austin Nature Center. Cynthia Burrow and her son, Zach

By 2007, Cynthia Burrow had been working in educational publishing for nearly 15 years. Having led a small instructional materials business to phenomenal growth, overseeing alignment, assessment, new media, editorial, and program evaluation departments, she launched Strategic Education Solutions. She was at the top of her game.


Then, abruptly, the game changed. Her three and a half year old son was diagnosed with autism. The next few years—a blur of specialists, supplements and therapies—threw everything into sharp relief. Her belief that style and substance could peacefully co-exist in teaching and learning was underscored. She learned the beauty of the unexpectedly elegant solution in her son's journey and in her work. She rediscovered the fundamental truth underlying her calling as an educator:


All learners are exceptional. All people can, and should be afforded the opportunity to, learn, grow, and thrive.


  • Regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or language proficiency.
  • Regardless of learning style or preference.
  • The neurotypical and the neuroexceptional.


   This belief is woven through every project Strategic Education Solutions undertakes. We thrive on

   balancing innovation with practicality in pursuit of providing the highest-quality products and services

   to our clients. And we never forget who our ultimate client is—the learner.


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